The Pit Rig Quest 2 – the solution

So, after an hour playing with a GR-33, and realising that my technique (after a decade of playing with my fingers as Lindsay in Fleetfoot Mike) really wasn’t as sloppy as I thought, Chris (whose GR-33 it was) suggested I borrow it and his Godin, and use it in the show. Which would be fine for the ‘extra synth lines’ problem, but was still going to require some form of multi-effects/amp sim for the various guitar sounds I needed.

Time to do some research… Continue reading

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The Pit Rig Quest 1 – the problem

So: the bare bones of the problem.

Next year, I am going to be (almost certainly) playing in the pit band (and MDing) for a musical I helped cowrite. It’s only been performed once before, and the pit band was me (elecrtic guitar), acoustic guitar, keys+flute, bass and drums. Reviewing the video/audio prior to next year’s performance, it’s pretty clear that:

  1. we often need two electric guitars
  2. we often need two acoustic guitars
  3. less often, we  need two keyboard players

Which led me to thinking, what rig should I use? Continue reading

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A bit of UKMG blog history

Talking about this new blog in #ukmg just now reminded me of the LJ we ran for a while. Actually, it was longer ago than I thought, and some of the image hosting has left gaps, but for the sake of curiosity…

The UKMG Self-Improvement Orgy

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Yamaha RGX A2 (A.I.R guitar) pickups

Don’t know if you’ve ever tried one of these guitars, but I’ve fallen in love with them. Plenty of really stupid design decisions but some great ones too.

Yamaha describes the pickups thus:

Developed with the custom shop at Yamaha Artist Services, Hollywood, the A2 pickups perfectly compliment the tonal characteristics of the A.I.R. body. Designed with the input of some of the world’s greatest guitar players, the A2’s powerful tone belies its light weight.

The rumour is that these are Dimarzio pickups (denied by Dimarzio). So I bought a Dimarzio Soapbar Tone Zone to try it out in one of my A2s.

Guess which one is the unique custom pickup designed by Yamaha?

Yamaha RGX A2 and Dimarzio Tone Zone

BTW, the custom pickup string spacing doesn’t even match the custom bridge string spacing.

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Hello, fellow plank spankers!

Welcome to the UKMG blog.

If you’re a UKMGer and want posting access, leave a comment here.

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