Hello, fellow plank spankers!

Welcome to the UKMG blog.

If you’re a UKMGer and want posting access, leave a comment here.

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19 Responses to Hello, fellow plank spankers!

  1. Yes count me in please!

  2. James Bisset says:

    Count me in too. And yo! Steve 🙂

  3. I’m in there like swimwear.

  4. Pete Stokes says:

    I`ll boldly go where I`ve not even timidly been before, please 🙂

  5. count me in please!



  6. Brendan Ashbrook says:

    A large portion of posting privileges with scratchings please. Plenty of salt and vinegar.

  7. Adrian Clark says:

    I’ve barely touched my own blog in two years, but hey, why not? 🙂

  8. Ian Runciman says:

    Stick me in the mix ta 🙂

  9. Julian May says:

    Can I join the freakshow?

  10. Adrian Clark says:

    Suggestion… author names on posts? Or does everyone prefer to be anonymous?

  11. Mike E says:

    Consider me in!

  12. Gary Ames says:

    Please yes please

  13. Jim Nugent says:

    Just catching up… May I be added, please?

  14. Clive Murray says:

    Yes please!

  15. Peter McCormack says:

    Yes please!

  16. David Hayward says:

    At last, something to replace the lovely newsgroup in a way that Facebook completely failed to do. I may even post if I get a login, thanks.

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